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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Talking bloody heads

Pete and Dud in action - pity the Heroes of Comedy programme didn't show more of them

Just watched a Heroes of Comedy TV programme about two of my favourite funny men, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore. Really infuriating.

All these so-called comedians I've never even heard of coming out with the most inane tripe. One of them said, "With 'Beyond the Fringe' people began to think, hey, comedy can be funny." What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Then four of these so-called "experts on comedy" were shown all repeating the famous line - "I've got nothing against your right leg" etc - from the One Leg Too Few sketch. Just saying it! The only intelligent person was Neil Innes who said "What do I know? I don't wear corduroy trousers and have a sociology degree."

And all the time you just wanted to see more than two seconds of Pete and Dud in action. Fat chance of that. I switched off in disgust. These talking head programmes really annoy me - cheap television at its most crass. They almost ruined the programme about Victoria Wood's TV career. Almost, but not quite. At least you had people who knew and had worked with her - plus lots of good, funny clips that had me laughing all over again.

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