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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Is Cheetah the Chimp Dead?

Nice family snapshot of the Tarzans at home
 Apparently the chimp who played Cheetah in the old black and white Tarzan films died last month in an animal sanctuary in Florida.

He was said to be aged 80 which caused one expert to say it couldn't possibly be Cheetah the movie monkey as "living into your 70s is pushing the limits of chimp biology".

The woman who runs the sanctuary claims Johnny Weismuller, the ex-Olympic swimmer who played the first Tarzan, left the chimp to her in his will and that the the monkey "was soothed by Christian music and also enjoyed finger painting and watching football, though she was unsure if he had any favorite teams". 

Mia Farrow, whose mother Maureen O'Sullivan, played the definitive and by far the prettiest and sexiest Jane, spread the word about the chimp's death on her Twitter account. Apparently her mother always referred to Cheetah as "that bastard". Nice.

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