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Monday, 13 July 2009

Raider of the Lost Archive

Trawling through the vaults this weekend I found a load of stuff on dusty old cassettes – including an amazing number of Drew Millin recordings with songs even he’s probably forgotten about such as ‘Production Line’ the beautiful ‘So Hard to Find’ and the two of us singing a track called ‘Mother Earth’ based on Drew’s tune ‘Music Papers’.

Now converting these into mp3s and hope to post them here soon and make up a CD compilation. The quality varies but I can probably tweak the muddier ones using various sound editing programmes.

Also a track of myself with guitar and keyboard accompaniment singing a song called ‘Spanish Night’ – did I write this? Sub-Dylanesque lyrics so may have done – “In the soup kitchen, they speak, some in Latin, some in Greek, of that Spanish night we all threw in the towel.” Anyone recognise that?

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