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Friday, 3 July 2009

Double Dutch

I was amazed to come across some blogs by students in the Netherlands where they were writing about some books I wrote ages ago.

They were published by a company called Unicorn whose website is: http://www.unicornproductions.nl/index_bestanden/Page1816.htm
The blogs can be read on: http://www.scholieren.com/boekverslagen/8533

Talking about a futuristic book for teenagers what I wrote, entitled 'Zoomer and the Blizzard Weavers', one person has commented "Thit (sic) was a nice book, because it wasn’t very difficult to read. " Another wrote "I didn’t like this book much, because it looks like Science Fiction and I don’t like that. The story takes place in Manchester, and I think that the story takes place in the future, because there are no bands in this time who are not real."

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