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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I should Coco

I think it was Chic Murray who said "We never had a chimney in our house. We used to have to carry the smoke out in buckets." Salvador Dali used to tell that one when he was at posh cocktail parties, usually dressed as a lobster. 
Cezanne captures the south of France
There's been a lovely series on BBC4 about how the Impressionists discovered the south of France when it was all little fishing villages and tourist-free. Then Picasso got in on the act and the next thing you know Coco Chanel is making tans fashionable among the chic thrill-seekers such as legendary photographer F Stop Fitzgerald. 

Narrated by Richard E. (for Ernie) Grant, the programme made me long for sunnier climes. 'Death in Paradise' does the same but that also makes me long for that beautiful actress who plays the sexy foil to Ben Miller's stuffy, suit-clad DI. 

You can't always get sexy foils any more. We used to lead the world in manufacturing them but alas all the factories have been pulled down to make way for cut price hypermarkets and tanning salons. I blame Coco Chanel, who should not be confused with Coco the Clown, even in an emergency. This has been a public service broadcast.
Coco the Clown

Coco Chanel

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