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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

You can't see his lips move now

Let's open a gottle of geer and drink to Ray Allen and Lord Charles. Or was it Ray Charles and Lord Allen? Anyway, he used to make me laugh. The Guardian said his catch-phrase was "you silly arse" but of course it was "you silly ass" spoken with an upper crust accent. That's what made it so funny, for crying our loud. He was saying 'arse' on prime time telly at a time when you couldn't even say bum without being blacklisted. I remember when Kenneth Tynan said 'willy' and caused a national furore, and he was only referring to Willy Carson, the adorable little jockey fella. Happy days.Still, the world is poorer by one ventriloquist. More than that, he was the ventriloquist's ventriloquist. No man could ask for a finer obituary.

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